How to Contribute to is a community resource providing crowd-sourced information about proximity beacon usage.

Data Sources

The data is crowdsourced from the Locate app for iOS and Locate app for Androidâ„¢. Users of these apps who opt-in to data sharing help build this directory.

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Adding Beacons to the Directory

If you know of beacon locations that you would like to see included in this directory, simply install one of these apps on your phone, opt-in to data sharing, and use it to scan the beacons. The directory is updated continuously, so if you scan a new beacon, it should show up within the hour.

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Data collected by through the Locate apps contain no personally identifiable information, app users must opt-in before sharing data, and may opt-out at any time. Radius Networks' full privacy policy may be viewed here.

Androidâ„¢ is a trademark of Google Inc.